Day 2: Staging Science

University of Toronto’s Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology presents Staging Science.

Victoria University, Rm. 323
Victoria College, University of Toronto
73 Queens Park Cres. E,
Toronto, ON
M5S 1K7

9:00 am –  Welcome to Day 2: Staging Science by Greg Rupik and introduction to the exhibit of the University of Toronto’s Scientific Instrument Collection by Paul Greenham

9:30 am –  Session One: Erin Grosjean,  Dinner in the Iguanodon Model in The Illustrated London News: The Construction of Scientific Authority in the Nineteenth-Century Periodical

10:00 am – Session Two: Mariya Boyko,  Reflection of the New Mathematics Education Movement in Soviet Pedagogical Journals: USSR’s and US’s Struggles Towards Constructing a ‘Modern’ Mathematics Curriculum

10:30 am – Coffee Break

11:00 am – Session Three: John MacCormick,  Science, Rhetoric and Morality in Seneca’s Naturales Quaestiones

11:30 am – Panel: Morning Wrap-Up (Erin Grosjean, Mariya Boyko, John MacCormick)

11:50 am – Lunch

1:30 pm – Session Four: Gui Oliveria,  Scaffolds, not Fictions: Mediation and Representation in Scientific Modeling

2:00 pm – Session Five: Cynthia Tang,  Disease Definitions and Competing Treatments: The Case of Cholelithiasis

2:30 pm –  Coffee Break

3:00 pm – Session Six: Ezgi Ince,  A Universe of Poetry, Poetry in the Universe: Blake’s “Auguries of Innocence” and Feynman’s “The Value of Science”

3:30 pm – Panel: Afternoon Wrap-Up (Gui Oliveira, Cynthia Tang, Ezgi Ince)

3:50 pm – Conference Wrap-Up and Closing Remarks